CIELO Center

It is a Center of Research and Applied Studies which looks upon the intersection between family and work, whether from a micro/macro approach or the perspective of the transformations derived from modernity and globalization, as well as from the exercise of rights in  a public or private sphere. With an innovative focus, Cielo sets out to build an academic space of scientific knowledge production,  which will serve as the foundation for the promotion of an active working and social citizenship for a more democratic, participative, equal, balanced and socially sustainable society.


CIELO Center’s mission is to build an academic space for the production of scientific knowledge on the current relationship between Family,  Work and Citizenship. This will serve as the foundation to create ideas to overcome situations of uneasiness and personal or relational  damage, social exclusion, quality of life loss and inequality.

CIELO Center’s vision aims to promote a social-working and social-active citizenship which contributes to a more democratic, participative,  equal, balanced and socially sustainable society.

The main course of action is the multidisciplinary applied research, which is structured into four thematic areas:

  • Multicultural families
  • Parenthood
  • Economy and human care systems
  • Subjective dimensions of work